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Welcome to Dance Connection Ballroom Dance Center, central Mississippi's largest and most popular social dance studio with instruction from the state's most experienced teachers. We offer weekly group lessons followed by a dance party to allow you to practice your dancing in an intimate dance club atmosphere.
dance lessons are also available. See more on the Lessons & Classes page. No partner necessary.
Call 601.932.2374 for more information.
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The Thursday night classes in January feature the Night Club Two Step!

Not to be confused with Country & Western Two Step, Night Club Two Step is one of the most practical and versatile social
dances ever conceived. It is designed to be used with contemporary soft rock (“love song”) music.
This romantic dance
fills a gap where no other ballroom dance fits, and is a great dance for newcomers to partnership dancing.

January 4 & 11 are for beginners and above. Designed for newcomers, but all levels are welcome.
January 18 & 25 are for those who are comfortable with the basic figures, timing and partnership for the NC2 Step.

Come for the class from 7:00-8:00, and then enjoy our social dance party from 8:00-9:00.
No partner necessary. Class and Dance Party $10 per person.

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